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From Ram Sriram <>
Subject Re: Display of Static Resources
Date Sat, 11 Dec 2004 03:10:04 GMT
Hi Jack,

Thanks for your response.

I understand how HTTP technology works. I have a working application 
with a Form with form elements including a button. When I do not have a 
gif in the HTML, the behaviour is what is expected of HTTP. In other 
words, the displayed page waits for the user to enter data and click on 
a button that does (in my case) a Post and gets back to the Servlet.

And when things work the way one would expect HTTP to work, I able to 
pick the Session Info, HttpServletRequest Name/ Value pairs including 
the button that was clicked on, and the attributes I put in the 
HttpSession when the servlet sent out the response (to survive the 
stateless session). All that is working just fine.

The problem I am having is two folds:

    * One the gif doesn't get displayed. I have the gif in a directory
      image within ROOT. The properties on where the image should be
      displayed gives the correct location. So there is no problem with
      the HTML getting the correct location for the gif.
    * The other problem I have is, when I include the image (a gif, and
      I am having the same problem with a bmp, jpg etc.) the page
      doesn't wait for the user to respond, but makes the round trip
      back to the servlet. So even before the user clicks on the button,
      it comes right back. This problem goes away when I remove the gif
      from the page

I hope I have stated the problem with a little more clarity this time 

Dakota Jack wrote:

>Looks like you need to read an overview of how web based HTTP
>technology works.  Essentially, in the typical and simple case, a
>request holding name/value pairs in a request object,
>HttpServletRequest in your case, and other information from the client
>makes a request and then your application either provides a static
>HTML page in the HttpServletResponse object or constructs an HTML page
>dynamically from an HttpServlet or a JSP page, which ultimately is a
>Servlet as well.  Thus, a page never "gets displayed and continues
>back to the servlet".  The page only would return to the servlet if it
>has a refresh or something akin to that.
>On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 18:10:37 -0800, Ram Sriram <> wrote:
>>I use jakarta-tomcat-5.0.19 and Apache HTTP Server 2.0.49. I am having
>>problem displaying static resources such as gif. When I have gif in the
>>HTML, not only it doesn't display the gif, the page also doesn't wait
>>for user input. The page gets displayed and continues back to the servlet.
>>I am using form elements in the page and those gets displayed properly.
>>When I remove the gif from the page, everything works as expected. I
>>have a feeling this is some sort of a Tomcat config issue. I am not able
>>to figure what config it is and how to do the config. I looked at
>>Web.xml both in the conf directory and webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF directory. I
>>tried looking up the documentation in the Tomcat site and couldn't get
>>much help.
>>I am using XML for data from the server and XSL (and transformation) for
>>generating the HTML. I don't think it has any impact, but just to
>>complete the details, I am using Oracle Database with the Oracle Thin
>>JDBC driver.
>>Can someone help me solve this problem or point me to some reading
>>material that I could refer to.
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