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From "D. Stimits" <>
Subject Re: common image practice?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 21:54:10 GMT
Rhino wrote:
> It sounds to me like you've hit on something that lots of people would use.
> Why not put this forward as a feature request? Perhaps the good folks at
> Apache will add some kind of shared image directory to Tomcat. It won't help
> you today but this sounds like something that could be added fairly easily
> if it doesn't violate the architecture of Tomcat in some important way.

I probably will, but I'd look kind of silly if there were already a 
solution (I'm new to tomcat) :P

>>>>I'm looking for a "good" or "best" practice to deal with site-wide
>>>>logo type files...things that will never change, and that every app
>>>>will want access to. This is on linux, but enabling sym links just
>>>>seems to be an admin/backup complexity, and duplicating logos in every
>>>>project also seems wrong. I see the shared directory looks ideal, but
>>>>apparently this is only for classes or libraries. Perhaps a simple
>>>>logo loader class in the shared folder would be most convenient, but I
>>>>have to wonder if loading something as simple as a small logo should
>>>>have to use the overhead of going through a class.

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