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From "D. Stimits" <>
Subject Re: common image practice?
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 21:27:15 GMT
Nikola Milutinovic wrote:
> D. Stimits wrote:
>> I'm looking for a "good" or "best" practice to deal with site-wide 
>> logo type files...things that will never change, and that every app 
>> will want access to. This is on linux, but enabling sym links just 
>> seems to be an admin/backup complexity, and duplicating logos in every 
>> project also seems wrong. I see the shared directory looks ideal, but 
>> apparently this is only for classes or libraries. Perhaps a simple 
>> logo loader class in the shared folder would be most convenient, but I 
>> have to wonder if loading something as simple as a small logo should 
>> have to use the overhead of going through a class.
> You could place logos and such common stuff in a separate "globa" path, 
> otside all webapps (like in  the webserver ROOT). This is totally 
> un-self-contained.

I'd like to do this, but I was under the impression that a 
webapps/<app>/ was the context of one application and that file paths 
outside of this context would not be allowed (I'm thinking in terms of 
JSP's right now).

> A slight imprvement is to have a set of common classes that know what 
> that "global" path is, could be configurable. That would make you 
> semi-self-contained.

This seems to be an easy alternative, but then it requires what is 
probably a lot of overhead relative to just loading a small logo type 
file directly.

> A completely self contained solution is hard to achieve, if not 
> impossible. How can anything OUTSIDE your webapp be a part of 
> self-contained module. I mean, it's outside...

I was hoping that the "global" solution above would be possible with 
some sort of tomcat configuration. The existing shared/ subdirectory 
would be ideal, except that it only searches for classes there.

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