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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Multipe Tomcat instances
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 12:21:48 GMT
If you run tomcat in a cluster where all the webapps are identical, we use 
the exact same (copy) of server.xml for all the tomcat instances. So when one 
server.xml is changed - we copy it to all of the tomcat installations.

Then we rely on variable substitution in server.xml for items which might 
need to be specific such as ip addresses, port numbers, and worker names.

We never call directly - we have wrapper scripts which set the 
appropriate -D variables for us.


Ryan Daly wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 14:53, Shapira, Yoav wrote:
>>I do it this way all the time.  The biggest pro is complete separation.
>>If one app gets whacky (heavy load, OutOfMemoryError, malicious attack),
>>others are not affected at all.  If one app needs to be upgraded or a
>>bug fix shipped, or its server restarted, again, others are not affected
>>at all.
> How do you handle the server.xml and the other configuration?  Do you
> start Tomcat with an option to read a different config file, or do you
> have separate installations of Tomcat for each and every webapp?
>>Cons include inability to run these apps on the same port (this can be
>>overcome by putting a common front end, which I usually do with another
>>Tomcat running only the balancer app), and increased
>>monitoring/maintenance needed (which again can be mitigated with tools
>>like nagios).

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