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From Quinton Delpeche <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5 and Realm problem
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 04:31:58 GMT
On Tuesday 14 December 2004 19:40, VAN DER MARLIERE FREDERIC wrote:
> Hi,


> The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded. If you wish to
> continue you must either click back twice and re-click the link you
> requested or close and re-open your browser

I had a similar problem like this a while ago, using a PostgresQL DB server on 
a Linux machine, it turned out that I had all three versions of the JDBC 
Driver in my common/lib and server/lib directory.

Once I removed the other two versions, this problem went away.

> Does someone have any idea about the origin of my problem ?

My suggestion would be to check your versions of the JDBC Driver you are using 
and make sure it is the correct version and working correctly.

> Thanks.
> Fred.


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