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From "Pablo Carretero" <>
Subject RE: Documentation
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 20:01:07 GMT
Yoav and Filip, thanks a lot. 

I'm very new in the Open Source software, I good like the idea, and under my
point of view, is the best solution event the big companies. But for
beginner, is very difficult. 

Thank you very much I try continue with your indication. 

Best regards. 

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From: Shapira, Yoav [] 
Sent: martes, 07 de diciembre de 2004 20:37
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: RE: Documentation


>Maybe, I don't explain very well my case. For example, If I active the
>in the database pool connection, can I see the active connection, free
>connection, the queries, etc...

There are two ways to determine what logging output you will see if you
enable debug-level logging for a given Tomcat component.  One way to is
try it.  The other way is to look at the source code, which of course is
freely available for you to download and examine.

If you look at the source, you will see that some components do more
logging than others.  So even setting debug-level logging for them might
not yield much information.

As to the specific question above about database pooling: because that's
not implemented by Tomcat, but by a pluggable implementation (DBCP by
default), it's up to the implementation's logging.  Again, you can try
it, or you can consult the DBCP source code.  Alternatively you can plug
in your own connection pooling implementation.

>I mean, I looking for this documentation, but I find nothing about
that. Do
>you know if are there any documentation about this issues??

What are you asking is generic.  Documentation for Tomcat's own logging
is covered under the Logger configuration reference and, for Tomcat 5.5,
in the logging-howto section of the docs.  There is also a FAQ entry
showing how to configure Tomcat 5.0.x with log4j.  For parts of the code
that are not Tomcat's own, e.g. DBCP, you need to consult that
component's documentation.

Yoav Shapira

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