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From Dustin <>
Subject Re: Deployment problem
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2004 02:30:38 GMT
First, QM, about the work/ dir, too late. Already
doing it. Doesn't seem to be causing any problems.
Thanks for the warning tho...

Second, I figured out what I was doing wrong in the
tomcat 5 workaround I was experimenting with. If I
would have just read the stupid logs after the tomcat
restart, I would have noticed the error was:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Document base
/srv/stuff does not exist or is not a readable

So i just changed the docBase attribute in the Context
element to simply "stuff" instead of "/srv/stuff". The
application reloads with tomcat nicely.

This still seems like a hack to me, always having to
use the html manager interface. So if anyone knows of
a better way, I would love to hear it.


--- Dustin <> wrote:

> In tomcat 4, I first created the following folder:
> This folder is where the war and context file for
> the
> application will be placed when deploying via ant or
> maven using the manager.
> Now, in the application's context.xml file, I set
> the
> path to '/srv/stuff' and the docBase to the same.
> Once deployed, the war and context files will be
> named
> stuff.war and stuff.xml in the above directory.
> Tomcat 5 works a bit differently. When the app is
> deployed with the srv prefix, the war and context
> file
> are renamed to srv#stuff.war and srv#stuff.xml after
> deployment via maven (haven't tested ant yet, but
> we're trying to phase it out as a deployment tool
> anyway). Here is the problem:
> 2004-11-22 09:47:38
> StandardContext[/manager]Manager:
> install: Installing context configuration at
> from
> 'jar:file:$CATALINA_HOME/webapps/srv#stuff.war!/'
> 2004-11-22 09:47:38
> StandardContext[/manager]Manager:
> no !/ in spec
>         at<init>(
>         at<init>(
>         at<init>(
> ...
> I am assuming the problem is the # in the filename,
> but I'm not sure.
> I thought I found a workaround the other day. If I
> just had maven build the war and then use the
> manager
> html interface to deploy the war, it worked fine.
> The
> files were in their place as stuff.xml and
> stuff.war.
> But once I restarted tomcat, the manager list showed
> 2
> apps deployed; /stuff and /srv/stuff, neither of
> which
> worked.
> I've tried several other configurations all with
> varying levels of failure.
> Any ideas?
> Dustin

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