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From "John Smith" <>
Subject Re: JNDI object not shared among TC instances
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 00:34:45 GMT
 Thanks Joav and for the other people stumbling on the same rock

 and by the way why don't they use a search box at  ?

 I had to click in, search and and click out of it again for every faq

 OK, I found the answer here:

 Can I access Tomcat's JNDI provider from outside tomcat?
Not at this time.

 The question/answer should be worded/extended like . . .

 Even different Tomcat instances use different JNDI contexts, . . .

and here:

 Is tomcat an EJB server? Can I use EJBs with tomcat?

 Tomcat is not an EJB server. Tomcat is not a full J2EE server. Tomcat is a
Servlet container. Tomcat does support those parts of the J2EE specification
that are required for Servlets, such as a subset of JNDI functionality.
Furthermore, you can connect to remote J2EE servers, or run tomcat embedded
inside a full J2EE server.

Now I see, I was getting a little too fancy, I will have to use EJBs

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