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From Michael Sudkamp <>
Subject AW: Performance with/without loadbalancing
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 16:29:53 GMT
> what I would do is to try a few things.
> 1. increase the ramp up time and see if that affects it. It could be
> the load balancer is helping tomcat handle the load

My ramp up is sufficient.

> 2. build the latest JMeter and use the distribution graph I wrote to
> look at the requests. the new graph will show the 50% and 90% line. If
> there's any pattern in the response times, you'll see it. What you
> should see is clumping of the data.

I run the test until I see a constant response time. Normally after about 10
What other pattern should I see?

> 3. increase the number of threads to match exactly the number of
> threads you have in JMeter.

I have 50 threads. That should be lower than the maximum connector threads
(75). Should be OK, right?
After each request there is a pause of 10 s (constant timer). This sounds
like low load but the requests are quite processing intensive.

With only one worker, the CPU is not at maximum load. With three workers the
CPU goes up to 80/90 percent.


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