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From "David Boyer" <>
Subject RE: Multipe Tomcat instances
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 04:09:12 GMT
As far as Tomcat 4.x and 5.0.x, Tomcat uses
%CATALINA_BASE%/conf/server.xml unless you specifically specify an
alternative. Optionally, you can pass '-config fullpath' to the main
method of the startup class where fullpath is the full path to your
config file. For example:
org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap -config
c:\tomcat5\conf\host1_conf.xml start
Tomcat 5.5.x probably works similarly, but I haven't worked with it
enough to be able to say with any authority.
You can have separate tomcat installations, or just separate configs
depending on what the situation calls for.

>>> 11/30/2004 9:39:19 PM >>>

On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 14:53, Shapira, Yoav wrote:
> Hi,
> I do it this way all the time.  The biggest pro is complete
> If one app gets whacky (heavy load, OutOfMemoryError, malicious
> others are not affected at all.  If one app needs to be upgraded or
> bug fix shipped, or its server restarted, again, others are not
> at all.

How do you handle the server.xml and the other configuration?  Do you
start Tomcat with an option to read a different config file, or do you
have separate installations of Tomcat for each and every webapp?

> Cons include inability to run these apps on the same port (this can
> overcome by putting a common front end, which I usually do with
> Tomcat running only the balancer app), and increased
> monitoring/maintenance needed (which again can be mitigated with
> like nagios).

I'm not that familiar with the balancer app.  Can you explain a little
or is that pretty clear somewhere in the docs?

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