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From "Sean Dockery" <>
Subject Re: Custom tag attribute runtime expression containing and delimited by quotes. Supported in Tomcat, but not other JSP containers. What is the standard?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 16:20:58 GMT
Hmmm...  We found in section JSP 2.6 (page 41) in the Core Syntax and 
Semantics chapter of the JSP 1.2 specification that this...

<mytags:tag value="<%= "hi!" %>" /> expressly illegal.

Should this be considered to be a bug in Jasper?

"Sean Dockery" <> wrote in message 
> Hello,
> We recently came upon an issue in migrating our web application from 
> Tomcat 4.1.x to SAP Web AS 6.4 SP7.
> Here is an example of the offending code (which involves indexed beans 
> managed by a Struts ActionForm):
> <logic:iterate ... indexId="offset">
>    Name: <html:text property="<%= "people[" + offset + "].name" %>"/>
> </logic:iterate>
> The quotes embedded in the property attribute's runtime expression work 
> fine under Tomcat, but failed under SAP Web AS during JSP translation. 
> The Web AS JSP compiler sees the quote before the word people as the 
> closing delimiter for the property attribute value.
> We found that the following variations work in both Tomcat and SAP Web 
> AS.
> <html:text property='<%= "people[" + offset + "].name" %>'/>
> (using apostrophes instead of quotes to delimit the attribute values)
> <html:text property="<%= \"people[\" + offset + \"].name\" %>"/>
> (escaping the embedded quotes)
> The former solution seems to be sanctioned (according to Google, anyway). 
> The latter solution (though looking to be pure evil) seems to solve a 
> situation where you would have both quotes and apostrophes in the same 
> attribute value.
> Is there anything in the (current or previous) JSP specification dealing 
> with quotes embedded in runtime expressions?  (It is an unfortunately 
> happy coincidence that Jasper supports embedded quotes; anyone else 
> enjoying this behaviour should be aware that it may not be supported by 
> other containers.)
> Thanks for your precious time. 

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