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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: AJP in tomcat 5.x
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 20:41:13 GMT
1) The development branch of httpd (slated to be released as httpd 2.2) 
contains an ajp13 module that works under mod_proxy.  I've heard that it is 
possible to build the v2.2 mod_proxy against httpd 2.0, but it is unlikely 
to be included in an official v2.0 release.

2) It's not a typo.  While it is possible to use mod_jk2 with 5.5, mod_jk2 
is currently unmaintained.  The page is only mentioning the maintained 
native connectors so that people won't expect that mod_jk2 bugs will ever be 
fixed. :)

"Michal Kwiatek" <> wrote in message
Hello All,

AJP connector documentation for tomcat 5.5
( reads:

The native connectors supported with this Tomcat release are:
- JK 1.2.x with any of the supported servers
- mod_proxy on Apache httpd 2.x (included by default in Apache
HTTP Server 2.2), with AJP enabled

Hence my questions:
- what is a "mod_proxy with AJP enabled"? Too my understanding,
mod_proxy has nothing to do with AJP. Or does it?
- why does it say "JK 1.2.x"? What about JK2? Is it a typo and both can
be used with Tomcat 5.5, or what? And which one (JK 1.2.x or JK2) is

Thank you in advance,

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