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From Chris Kaido <>
Subject Understanding origin of "Unexpected exception ... outside the VM"
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 11:54:59 GMT

I'm running a JSP application on Apache/Tomcat with mod_jk2 on Solaris
8. The application has more than 6Gb of RAM (yes, read "six") to run
and it crashes irregularly (see error output below) with exactly the
same error. My purpose is to determine where the problem stands ... so
I could look into one ore two components instead of everything at the
same time, thus avoiding wars between programmers and system guys
(like me) :)

Is it in ...
- Tomcat 4.1.30 ?
- Apache 2.0.49 with mod_jk2
- Java VM 1.4.2_04 ?
- the JSP pages itself ?

Are there some exhaustive causes for this kind of error ?

Any thoughts will be appreciated ...



An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xFFFFFFFF7EF499A4
Function=[Unknown. Nearest: madvise+0xC0]

Current Java thread:
        at kyudo.NativeCall.Call_C_tpcall(Native Method)
        at kyudo.NativeCall.tp_call(
        at kyudo.KyudoDispatcher$ObjectApartment.get_result(
        at kyudo.KyudoDispatcher$

Dynamic libraries:
0x100000000     /kyudoweb/java/bin/sparcv9/java
0xffffffff7f300000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7f500000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7ef00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7d400000      /kyudoweb/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/lib/sparcv9/server/
0xffffffff7d200000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7cf00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7cd00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7cb00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7c900000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7ed00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7c500000      /usr/lib/64/
0xffffffff7be00000      /kyudoweb/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/lib/sparcv9/
0xffffffff7bc00000      /kyudoweb/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/lib/sparcv9/
0xffffffff7b900000      /kyudoweb/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/lib/sparcv9/
0xfffffffdae800000      /kyudoweb/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/lib/sparcv9/
0xfffffffdacf00000      /tuxweb/lib/
0xfffffffdacd00000      /tuxweb/lib/
0xfffffffdaca00000      /tuxweb/lib/
0xfffffffdac800000      /tuxweb/lib/
0xfffffffdac600000      /tuxweb/lib/
0xfffffffdac300000      /tuxweb/lib/
0xfffffffdac100000      /usr/lib/64/
0xfffffffdabe00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xfffffffdabc00000      /usr/lib/64/
0xfffffffdab700000      /tuxweb/lib/

Heap at VM Abort:
 def new generation   total 1696320K, used 1485783K
[0xfffffffdb3800000, 0xfffffffe1e2c0000, 0xfffffffe33800000)
  eden space 1644928K,  87% used [0xfffffffdb3800000,
0xfffffffe0b0c5de0, 0xfffffffe17e60000)
  from space 51392K,  99% used [0xfffffffe17e60000,
0xfffffffe1b08fff8, 0xfffffffe1b090000)
  to   space 51392K,   0% used [0xfffffffe1b090000,
0xfffffffe1b090000, 0xfffffffe1e2c0000)
 tenured generation   total 3495296K, used 2381505K
[0xfffffffe33800000, 0xffffffff08d60000, 0xffffffff33800000)
   the space 3495296K,  68% used [0xfffffffe33800000,
0xfffffffec4db0560, 0xfffffffec4db0600, 0xffffffff08d60000)
 compacting perm gen  total 16384K, used 13647K [0xffffffff33800000,
0xffffffff34800000, 0xffffffff37800000)
   the space 16384K,  83% used [0xffffffff33800000,
0xffffffff34553f10, 0xffffffff34554000, 0xffffffff34800000)

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