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From Dobson Paul L Contr OO-ALC/LGFBR <>
Subject SSL on tomcat breaks file download
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 17:11:24 GMT
I created a JSP web application that allows user to dynamically generate and
download excel files using POI/HSSF. I use the following lines to store the
excel file in my application directory under a directory titled


nextXLSName =  MiscUtil.getNextXLSName(); //gets the next file name by
querying the database.

report.writeFile(WebappPrefs.getRptPath(session.getServletContext()) +



The above lines seem to work because I find the generated file in the
correct folder with the correct time stamp of when I tested the JSP.


I then use the following line of code to send the user the file:


<jsp:forward page="<%= \"xlsreports/\" + nextXLSName %>" />



This has always worked flawlessly until I implemented SSL on Tomcat. Now, IE
tells me that the requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found.


Any ideas why implementing SSL would break this or how to fix it?  Thanks a
million in advance.





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