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From Reingold Genna <>
Subject FW: Configuring JAAS realm for a web appplication (Catalina class loader bug)
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 22:31:17 GMT

> Hi,
> My company  isusing Tomcat 4.1.29 and I'm investigating a transition to
> version 5.0.28.  
> We use JAAS for authentication. The realm is decleared inside the web
> application context. The authentication code makes an EJB call to jBoss
> server (we are using stand alone Tomcat not jBoss bundled version).
> In verion 4.1 we have ejb-client code jar in both server/lib and Web
> Application lib directories. I have replicated the same structure in
> version 5 but I get ClassCastException inside my JAAS Authentication
> module. If I remove the copy of ejb-client jar from Web Application it all
> works fine which suggest to me that the ClassCastException related to the
> fact that the same class id loaded by different classloaders. Tomcat doco
> specifies that Catalina classloader is invisible to webapplications ( and
> that's why we use it in Tomcat 4) but it doesn't seem to be the case. The
> work-around (removing ejb-client code from web app) is not a solution
> because it has a lot of web app specific code. 
> If I don't copy authentication code to server/lib directory and only keep
> it in web app Tomcat doesn't find it. That is the case for both versions -
> 4 and 5. To me it suggests a different problem - since JAAS realm declared
> in web app context it should apply to web application only and therefore
> it should be looking into webapp not server/lib directory. But that is a
> different discussion topic altogether.  
> Thanks in advance
> Genna 
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