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From "Didier McGillis" <>
Subject Re: Suggestion - upgrade scripts.
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 14:26:42 GMT
I would agree with this from most applications both open source and 
commercial license software they will provide infromation on how to upgrade 
and new features, and of course the software, but its still up to those 
maintaining their sites that are using the software to do the upgrading and 
test and to fix any errors that may crop up due to differences from one 
version to the next.  One upgrade we did was where the company changes 
significently the javascript processor embedded in the system, so if you 
developed the site in JavaScript Pages instead of JavaServer Pages, guess 
what, you had a lot of work to do.  BTW we learned that information from 
other developers and connections we had in their online community, not from 
the company itself.

>In all seriousness, how could there be such a tool?  Most of what Tomcat
>does and provides is detailed in the servlet/JSP specs: it must handle
>WAR files, it must service JSPs, and so on.  In turn, most of the
>upgrade process involves you, the developer, testing and adjusting your
>app to fit the new specs.  Looking at the upgrade guide I've assembled,
>there were only a couple of changes to Tomcat config files.
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