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From "Boulay Arnaud" <>
Subject JK2 and 404 HTTP Error
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:09:26 GMT
Tomcat cluster and LB issue.

		Says that I have apache HTTP + 2 Tomcats Workers.
		Each worker is defined in  the same lb group and manage the same webapp.
		- It works fine in optimal context (2 Tomcat + Apache run).
		- It works fine in 1 tomcat crash.
		But the problem is when the webapp is stopped (by manager for ie.) on one worker.
		The query is send to both tomcat even to the one that have no webapp available and so, the
answer to the client is a nice 404 HTTP Error code.
		IMHO, it's because that jk2 don't parses the http answer.
		Is there some issue please ?
		Regards, Arnaud

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