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From Carl Olivier <>
Subject keystore manipulation
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:29:55 GMT

I think I asked a similar question on this list a while ago - but did not
get a response - so here goes one last time.

I am importing/generating new certificates into the keystore that is set as
the truststore for the JVM that runs Tomcat - via the System property.

On first load (when I initial a URL load of a HTTPS URI) all is fine.  At
this point it seems that the JVM caches the certificates stored in the
specified ( keystore.  If, after the first access
of the truststore, I import a certificate to the trustore, it is not picked
up until a RESTART the JVM.

This is problematic as I do NOT want to have to restart the JVM just to read
a certificate!  Does anyone know how I would refresh the certificate list
from the keystore referenced by the SystemProperty:

I would appreciate any pointers!

Thanks in advance.


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