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From Tonis <>
Subject Jasper SMAP and JSP<->Java line info
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:59:01 GMT

I'm trying to use jasper for converting jsp-s to java to run some java 
seach on jsp. For that I need exact java element position in JSP(line 
nr, column number). In
some old jasper version there was JspLineMap and JspLineMapItem classes 
and I could get linemap for jsp from ServletWriter. Seems tha it was 
removed later and currently(in Tomcat 5 jasper) there is SMAP generator. 
I haven't digged into it deeply but I read that SMAP doesn't contain 
enough info for doing such exact java elements mapping anymore, is it 
right? If so is there another way to do line mapping with jasper?

great thanks


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