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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Filter Problem
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:40:51 GMT
getContextPath is the path name of the webapp.

For example, if my webapp is registered at /more. Then my contextPath is /more.

If I request /more/cowbell.jsp. The contextPath  is /more and the servletPath 
is /cowbell.jsp.


Jack Lauman wrote:

> I have an access control filter that is supposed to grant all access to 
> users wirh the role of 'admin' and limited access to those with the role 
> of  'user.  Specifically a 'user' can only manipulate the data that 
> belongs to them.  It uses 'contextPath.startsWith' and the users 'id' 
> (int) from the database appended to it to access their records.
> If I logon as an 'admin' user it works fine.  If I login using a bad 
> password it forwards to the notLoggedInPage.  It I login as a 'user' 
> with a correct password it forwards to the noAccessPage.
> I'm not sure what's wrong here and would appreciate any help in 
> resolving this matter,

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