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From Harald Henkel <>
Subject Data sorting problem Tomcat<->Oracle
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 15:02:24 GMT
Hello all.

I have a strange problem with data sorting using an Oracle 8.1.7

I set the database to use binary sorting (NLS_SORT=BINARY), independent
from GERMAN language setting.
When I'm doing a select on a table with values like
A1, A2, ... AA, AB, ... I get the correct result according to binary
Yet, if I'm doing this from Tomcat (4.1.24 on WinXP) the data returned
is sorted in GERMAN sorting 
order, i.e. AA, AB, ..., A1, A2, ...

So it seems either Tomcat ignores the setting of the NLS_SORT
environment variable,
or it is implicitly (by Tomcat) or explicitly (by some library code,
which I didn't find yet) overridden.

Anybody got an idea, of which might be the case ?

Thanks in advance,
Harald Henkel

Harald Henkel

GS automation GmbH
Winterstra├če 2
82223 Eichenau
Tel:    + 49-8141-35 731-37
Fax:    + 49-8141-35 731-38
Mobile: + 49-178-7829126
e-mail: H.Henkel@GS-automation.DE
Web:    www.GS-automation.DE

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