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From Seth Ladd <>
Subject Re: Bind Object into Global JNDI Within Servlet?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 18:40:32 GMT

> That's why we give you a shared classloader repository:
> $CATALINA_HOME/shared/classes and shared/lib, as explained in the
> classloader how-to.  Things in there are visible to all webapps.  You
> can further enforce patterns like a Singleton so that only one instance
> of a class exist and is shared among all your webapps.

Yeah, the actual bytecode will live in shared/classes.  I liked using 
JNDI because I could lookup the object every time I need it.  That 
allows me to redeploy the owning webapp and rebind the object.  The 
clients won't be affected by that.

Using a Singleton in the meantime might be a good way to go in the 
meantime.  We also might just give access to the shared object via 
Hessian or Burlap.  Kinda crazy since we're in the same VM, but I want 
to be more flexible than a singleton in a shared classpath.

Thanks for your tips!  I'm pro-GeronimoNaming :)


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