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From Vy Ho <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5.4 Stability
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 23:15:36 GMT

Thank you for the reply.  I am sorry that what I said is not true.  
Tested more with version 5.0.28 of Tomcat also produce the same result.  
Please see if this is "normal" behavior:

I have an axis application, basically return a "hello world", I tried 
this with:

1) Axis 1.1
2) Axis 1.2
3) Tomcat 5.0.28
4) Tomcat 5.5.4

Some combinations of those.  They all produce connection refuse.  The 
max thread is 200, the acceptCount is 100.

On the client side, I also send in some data roughly the size of "hello 

I have about 30 threads running, each continuously make requests to the 
server for about 100 requests for each threads.  Some tests, I also put 
random wait time between requests for each thread in around 200 
miliseconds.  Some test, there is no wait time, after the first request 
finish, I would make a next one.

After a while, some of the threads will generate exception: connection 
refused.  With 30 threads, this seems to be low to me.  Both the client 
and server sits in a same machime.

My question is this: is this load/scenario normal? If not, I'll be happy 
to put together a test client and a test Soap Axis server code for you 
to investigate.  You can easily take one of the example client, put it 
in 30 threads, and spin it 100 times in each thread.

If you have any advice, or suggestion on anything I may have missed, 
please let me know.  Right now, each request seem to have its own 
connection.  Using the common http client for the client to reduce the 
number of connection, the things is twice as slow, and does not improve 
the situation (I did not pass any parameters to this connection pool 
thing, so default value is used on this).

Thank you for your time.

Remy Maucherat wrote:

>On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 23:17:22 -0500, V D <> wrote:
>>Today, I ran an axis application under both Tomcat 5.028 and 5.5.4.
>>Hitting this axis application with 100 simultaneous clients for many
>>hits.  5.0.28 seems to hold up very well.  It drops connections once a
>>while.  However, 5.5.4 drops many connections.  I wonder if the Tomcat
>>team aware of this problem.
>No. You need to give reproduceable facts, prefereably with a simple application.
>Note that the low level code is extremely similar between 5.0 and 5.5.
>I doubt the few code changes could cause something like that.

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