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From Troy Simpson <>
Subject Server Component....What IP does the shutdown service listen to?
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 15:35:47 GMT
OS: Sun Solaris 8
Tomcat: 5.5.4

According to the documentation, the server component has attributes for 
className, port, and shutdown, but not bindIPAddress.  What IP address 
is the server listening to for the shutdown command?

If my server.xml file contains this:

<Server port="8005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN" debug="0">...</Server> the server waiting for the shutdown command, SHUTDOWN, on
or the server waiting for the shutdown command, SHUTDOWN, on *:8005 
(All IP addresses assigned to the server)?

I run netstat -a and I get the following for port 8005:
   Local Address         Remote Address     State
-------------------- -------------------- -------
localhost.8005             *.*                0      0 24576      0 LISTEN

I'm not much of a sysadmin, but this suggest that something (tomcat) is 
listening for the shutdown command on
Am I correct?


Troy Simpson
  Applications Analyst/Programmer, OCPDBA, MCSE, SCSA
North Carolina State University Libraries
Campus Box 7111 | Raleigh | North Carolina
ph.919.515.3855 | fax.919.513.3330

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