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From John Sidney-Woollett <>
Subject RE: http->https url rewrite bug TC 5.0.28?
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:21:05 GMT

Either you're wrong or Tomcat 5.0.x may be broken...

With cookies enabled you can transfer the session from a non-secure 
connection to a secure connection for the same domain/webapp. Tomcat 
does NOT generate a new (secure) session.

The problem is that TC 5.0.28 does not exhibit the same behaviour when 
cookies are disabled. In this case, Tomcat does in fact generate a new 
(secure) session.

So what we have here appears to be non-consistant behaviour from Tomcat 
based on client behaviour beyond the control of the web app developer... :(

And all because response.encodeRedirectURL(url) did not append the 
jsessionid to the URL when switching protocols. If encodeRedirectURL 
appended the session id, then you would have consistant behaviour from 

Now it could be that using response.encodeRedirectURL(url) is not the 
correct way to pass the session from an http to https connection. And in 
fact the only way to guarantee that the non-secure session data is 
passed to the secure connection is using the following hack:

url = url + ";jsessionid=" + session.getId()

when cookies are disabled.

My personal preference is to create a new static method which takes the 
current request and the new request URL and generates a correctly 
rewritten URL (based on the fact that I want the non-secure session 
passed to the secure pages). And to use that whereever I have been using 
response.encodeRedirectURL(url) and response.encodeURL(url)

I still that Tomcat is broken/inconsistant on this point...

Any other thoughts or solutions, anyone?

John Sidney-Woollett

Yoav Shapira wrote:

 > Hi,
 > Not a bug.  You can't share a session that way, whether using cookies 
 > or URL-rewriting.
 > Yoav Shapira

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