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From peter maas <>
Subject Re: tomcat clustering / jwsdp soap / serializable
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:56:58 GMT
O.k. I just found out that I can force wscompile to add the 
implementation of Serializable to all datatypes 
(xSerializable="true")... however the part about older apps is still 

peter maas wrote:

> Hi list,
> I have been experimenting with the clustering options for a while. The 
> main issue I seem to encounter over and over again is synchronizing 
> objects which do not implement the serializable interface. Since we 
> are using the jwsdp wscompile tool to generate source code based on a 
> wsdl we have tons of beans generated which do not implement the 
> Serializable interface (allthough, since they are sent over SOAP the 
> can be serialized). If we want to connect suchs a bean to a session, I 
> would have to modify the auto generated code or write adapter beans.
> Also it would mean that if I want to use older applications (for which 
> we are not sure if they implement the Serializable interface) in a 
> cluster setup, I would have to modify and recompile them!
> Is there a way to enable replication based on introspection if the 
> Serialization interface is not implemented? Any other ideas?


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