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From peter maas <>
Subject tomcat clustering / jwsdp soap / serializable
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:50:20 GMT
Hi list,

I have been experimenting with the clustering options for a while. The 
main issue I seem to encounter over and over again is synchronizing 
objects which do not implement the serializable interface. Since we are 
using the jwsdp wscompile tool to generate source code based on a wsdl 
we have tons of beans generated which do not implement the Serializable 
interface (allthough, since they are sent over SOAP the can be 
serialized). If we want to connect suchs a bean to a session, I would 
have to modify the auto generated code or write adapter beans.
Also it would mean that if I want to use older applications (for which 
we are not sure if they implement the Serializable interface) in a 
cluster setup, I would have to modify and recompile them!

Is there a way to enable replication based on introspection if the 
Serialization interface is not implemented? Any other ideas?


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