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From Wolfgang Hackl <>
Subject [ANN] Multiple Instances Tomcat Installer
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 01:41:37 GMT
Hi everybody!

I created a shell script for helping with the installation of multiple
Tomcat instances. You may want to use it if you need to accelerate the
creation of a new service.

The script is called MITI - Multiple Instances Tomcat Installer. MITI
performs actions analogous to the "Advanced Configuration" section in In addtion
to that, MITI keeps track of the services' Ports for HTTP, JK2 and
Shutdown. MITI automates the adaption of each server.xml since it
updates these ports in server.xml with sed according to a ports database
(flat file).

MITI can be downloaded at One reason for
me launching this project was that I want my effort to be useful for the
public. Another reason is that I haven't found installation scripts for
the UNIX-like platforms. In opposition to that, there is an installation
wizard for the Windows platform and I don't like *NIX/BSD to be
discriminated  ;-)

To be serious, I am of the opinion that the Tomcat project can benefit
from an application that helps Administrators with installation and
management of multiple Tomcat instances (which is a superset of MITI's
features). Once I even tried to write a Java GUI to manage server.xml
properties but put that software aside for various reasons. Would you
consider an app like this useful? Any comments, hints and suggestions
are welcome.

Kind regards,

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