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From Hollerman Geralyn M <>
Subject RE: SocketException
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 19:03:55 GMT
"Peter Crowther" wrote:
>>SEVERE: Remote Host / SocketException: Invalid argument
> Hmm.  An EINVAL from the socket layer.
> Are you running UNIX or Windows?  Depending on which, I'd get hold of a
> system call tracer (Unix) or TDImon (Windows), monitor until you got the
> error, and then look through the logfile to see which system call was
> giving you the error back.  That might give you some insight into what
> your system is doing when this occurs...

I'm on a Solaris system. So I take it you mean something like truss or truss
itself? I think I tried that once and gave up for some reason - I'll have to go
back to my notes to see why, I could've just run out of time.

Do you know why this error might occur? I think the thing I'm really looking for
is to see if there's something I need to do on the server end, or if it's a
client problem. And I never see the error on my test server, just on the
production one that has a greater load - the error doesn't SEEM to hurt
anything, but then again catalina.out classifies it as SEVERE, so maybe there's
something to it that I'm missing!

Thanks for your help!
Lynn Hollerman.

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