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From Michael Echerer <>
Subject Re: Doubts with tomcat
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 07:29:04 GMT

> 1) When I start tomcat with above server.xml , it creates 9 process with same output
on shell. it is 
> I configured tomcat to run with minSpareThreads="5" then why it start with 9 threads?
You configured 5 connector threads that not necessarily match OS threads 
(or whatever you saw). Check with Tomcat's manager application how many 
connector threads you really have.
> 2) In tomcat , port 8080 is redirected to SSL port 8443. Why NON-SSL port is redited
to SSL port?
That's used, if one of your webapps has a security constraint (can be 
done in the web.xml) saying that this app (or some of its resources) may 
only be accessed using https. In that case, if Tomcat receives a http 
request it will automatically redirect the browser to the same resource, 
but using https scheme and using the mentioned redirect ports. Thus you 
won't have to do ugly port number hardcoding into your app (or other 
strange approaches), if you need to support https.
> Please help me to understand these basics.
Hope I could help.

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