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From root <>
Subject Logging problem under Tomcat 5.0
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 22:57:42 GMT
I've had a development site up for a couple of months using log4j-1.2.8 
for logging.  I made several changes in the last couple of days, and 
something decided to set the default log level to DEBUG.  Now when I try 
to restart the site I get 10-20 Meg of log messages.  They are in 
launcher.server.log and the problems start when the startup script 
(tomcat/bin/ announces

'Redirecting application output to 

the first messages into that log are at DEBUG level (they didn't used to 
be) -

[DEBUG] Embedded - -Setting naming prefix=org.apache.naming
[DEBUG] Digester - -addRuleSet() with no namespace URI

I don't know if I care about Digester, but sax spits out a bunch and we 
do need it.  In any event, I don't like the log level changing without 
knowing why & without explicitly allowing it (tho' by deploying some jar 
or war, I've effectively ok'd it).

Any suggestions on an easy way to track down the culprit or prevent some 
random process of jacking up the default log level?

BTW -  tomcat/conf/ is still reasonable & I've found 
nothing unusual in tomcat/conv/server.xml .

Thanks in advance.

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