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From "Jonathan Wilson" <>
Subject Re: Form-based login question - explicit login
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 21:33:57 GMT
There's probably a much better way, but I like the fine-grained approach 
I use. Unfortunately(or
fortunately) it requires *every* page you want access controlled to have 
a <jsp:include> tag. The
included jsp file checks a session variable to determine if the user is 
logged in, and whether or
not their 'role' is sufficient(my app-defined roles, not to be confused 
with the role mechanism
contained within Tomcat itself) to access the resource - so the 
jsp:included page either forwards them to login page,
notifies them they don't have the necessary priviledges, or lets them 
pass through. For the proper jsp:forward after the
user successfully logs in (or if s/he already has the proper perms) I 
just check a calling parameter which I set from the original calling 
page(which is properly URL encoded) and jsp:forward the user to that 
resource. You should check for null forwarding parameters in case
the access controlled page doesn't actually set it's forward address 
properly(well worth your time). Probably a confusing
process, but it makes sense to me! ..and it's working on a large-scale 
in-house production app - their are performance issues I'm sure
if your considering a super-large deployment.

If anybody has a better/quicker solution I'm interested.


footh wrote:

>I have a quick question regarding Tomcat's form-based
>login.  I have it working fine for pages that are
>listed as protected.  For ex, if a user hits a
>protected page, they are redirected to a login page,
>we'll call it "login_required" that says the requested
>resource requires a login.  If they fail the login,
>the error page, we'll call "login_invalid", appears
>which looks just like the login_required page except
>it says invalid login, please try again.  If the user
>logs in correctly on any of these pages, they are
>redirected to the original protected page.  This works
>But, the user can explicitly log in by clicking on a
>"log in" link everywhere on the site.  I have a an
>idea of how to do this, but I have a couple of
>questions regarding this idea.
>I was going to create a "login_dummy" page, a
>protected page that is the source of all the "login"
>links throughout the site.  When this page is hit, the
>whole forms-based login process will occur.  When the
>user finally authenticates, the login_dummy page will
>just redirect them to the home page.
>The questions I have are 1) I would really like to
>direct the user to the page they were on when they
>clicked the "login" link.  I can't figure out how to
>do that.  And 2) This method requires that I use the
>"login_required" page described above (the form
>attached to the form-based login) which will contain
>text like "the requested resource requires a login,
>etc, etc."  When they click on a login link, they
>aren't accessing a protected resource, they are just
>logging in.  So, I really need a different login page
>(or just different introductory text).  However, I
>don't know how to differentiate that I'm coming from a
>direct login link.
>The latter issue isn't a big deal, I could always just
>use a generic login page.  Anyway, does anyone have
>any ideas of how I might be able to implement this?
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