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Subject Re: Hassan Schroeder
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 18:09:34 GMT
Dear Sir,

yes.the problem is the redirection and nothing else.

read my first email again
and click on
and browse. ON the status bar , u can see the pages but on address bar... only

Also, when u visit any section, u refresh on that page, u are redirected to home page.



> wrote:
>> I am not using any servlets.
>> this is just an HTML website.
>> However, the web sever is TOMCAT.
>> so i thought , might be some settings in server.xml and web.xml which can help me
resolve this.
>> I hope u understood my question.
>Well, I can't imagine any way that plain HTML files would *not* show
>up as the page URL in a default Tomcat install; they certainly do on
>any of my systems.
>Perhaps if you post your server.xml and web.xml files...
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