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From Hassan Schroeder <>
Subject Re: Can anyone help me/guide me?
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 15:23:14 GMT wrote:

> now problem is:
> when u visit
> and u click on contact us section.
> If a user refreshes a page while he is on any section.. contact us,
 > about us ... and etc , the browser  takes back the user to the home
 > page which is index page. ( )

... which is what shows in the browser address bar, regardless of
the content being displayed. So of course a reload will just bring
you back to the default page view.

You'll need to provide a proper URL, e.g., at least something like
"", instead of (apparently) just 
forwarding within your main servlet. Or keep track of the user's
"real" page location as part of the session. Or something :-)

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