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From Al Gidden <>
Subject Re: high traffic Tomcat sites out there?
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2004 14:15:55 GMT
We have three Tomcat systems in front of a large database.
We use JMeter to test our site, and have pushed each system
with 1000 requests per minute and not noticed any problems at all.
Our servers only have one processor and 1GB of RAM.
The only time we start to see any performance issues is due to the size of the 
database pool and the responsiveness of the DB connections under extreme load.

Your code and the Tomcat config can all effect your performance.
In our case, it took a year for us to get our code cleaned up and
have enough benchmarks to know we made solid configuration changes for the
sake of scalability.

Best of luck to you,
Al G

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From: LAM Kwun Wa Joseph <>
Date: Monday, November 22, 2004 4:55 am
Subject: high traffic Tomcat sites out there?

> For my Tomcat cluster I'm looking for an upper limit on the 
> estimation of
> how much traffic it may face. Say, would thousands of HTTP req/s 
> be too
> 'astronomical' for a 4-node Dual P4 Xeon cluster to achieve? (I'm 
> talkingabout dynamic pages such as stock quotes and news)
> Does anyone know of any high traffic JSP/servlet sites(running 
> Tomcat or
> similar servlet container)? I'm mostly interested to know what's the
> typical "magnitude" of their HTTP throughput (e.g. hundreds or 
> thousandsof HTTP/s) and what kinds of apps are they running.
> Joseph Lam
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