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From Quinton Delpeche <>
Subject Re: Delivering JSPs without source
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 04:30:40 GMT
On Tuesday 30 November 2004 01:32, Steve Procter wrote:
> We have a web application that uses jsps.  We want to deliver the
> application to the customer without source for the jsps.  We have done
> this in the past by putting all of the compiled jsps into a jar file.


Hate to burst your bubble, but because you put it in a jar file doesn't mean 
that the source is protected.

JAR files can be opened with WinZIP, tar, and jar.

Jar files are merely convenient ways of storing/distributing/installing Java 
code and packages.

> Recently we had to move the application jar files from
> webapps/appname/WEB-INF/lib to common/lib because we implemented our own
> realm which uses our object repository; since it has to be installed in
> server/lib, the code for the repository cannot be installed under the
> web application directory.
> When the application is installed in common/lib it is not able to load
> the compiled jsp files.  They are installed in common/lib/.
> Does anyone have an idea about why these classes are not visible?

My suggestion is to rather move your functionality into Java classes and use 
the JSP pages to present the information to the client.

> Thanks,
> --Steven
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