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From Vijay <>
Subject Apache Tomcat production deployment: yr opinion reqd
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:28:37 GMT

Hello everyone -

We would like to evaluate Apache/Tomcat as a
production-quality deployment for our organization's
retail operations. I would appreciate if someone could
comment / provide expert opinion on the following:

a) Is Apache web server/Tomcat a proven production
option for large-scale deployments (we are looking at
about 1000 users served by a single instance of
Apache/Tomcat3.x on an AS/400 box]. Now, this might
sound silly but we would be extremely happy if someone
can allay our concerns :)

b) I believe the default configuration settings for
Apache/Tomcat are usuallly appropriate for a
medim-sized deployment. Is there any
document/web-site/ list mail archive that can guide me
on how to arrive at optimum configuration settings?
Any information on what  to look out for when
configuring for medium to large deployments would be
of immense help.

c) Are there any performance improvements that I can
expect if i upgrade to Tomcat 4.x? 

Thanks in advance for yr help! 

best regards

The human mind is too precious to be wasted or imprisoned.
                                               - Anonymous

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