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From "Joe Reger, Jr." <>
Subject Embedded Tomcat deploying WAR with URL of type jar:
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 22:59:35 GMT


I have a question regarding the embedded version of Tomcat.  I'd like to
have a java program start an instance of Tomcat and then deploy a WAR file
to it.

URL warFile = new URL("jar:C:/source/ROOT.war");
Deployer deployer = (Deployer)host;
deployer.install("/ROOT", warFile);

I get the following error on the first line above: no !/ in spec

This appears to be a known issue with Java:

But in the Tomcat API doc I see "A URL of type "jar:" that points to a WAR
file, or type "file:" that points to an unpacked directory structure
containing the web application to be installed ":

Summary: I'd like to use a URL of type "jar:" but I can't seem to get it
working.  Any help appreciated.

Sorry for the long message.

Joe Reger 

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