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From Michael Schuerig <>
Subject Remote debugging a web app with Eclipse?
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 16:05:38 GMT

I've tried to remote debug a web app with Eclipse, but didn't make the 
first hurdle. Apparently, Eclipse can't connect to Tomcat's JVM. I'm 
using Tomcat 5.5.1, J2SE 5.0 and Eclipse 3.1M3.

I take it, that in some way I need to tell the JVM that it's running in 
debug mode and what port it ought to listen on. All I found out, 
though, is that there's a deprecated -Xdebug option. Is there a short 
tutorial somewhere on remote debugging?


Michael Schuerig                  Failures to use one's frontal lobes        can result in the loss of them.   --William H. Calvin

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