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From "Anand Narasimhan" <>
Subject RE: Huge tomcat memory footprint
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 17:54:29 GMT
> >80MB
> >and heap used was 57MB (reported by optimizeit). But the 
> memory sizes 
> >reported by solairs pmap command is
> >
> >Size          RSS            Shared          Private
> >1173.45 MB    608.125 MB     15.125 MB       593 MB
> There's a mismatch here.  There's no way the OS-level 
> overhead is hundreds of MBs for an 80-MB heap.  Are you sure 
> the pmap command doesn't multiply by the number of threads or 
> something like that (similar to what the Linux top command does)?

I am not sure how pmap works. But the numbers are consitent with what top
command reports.

> >3. I read somewhere that if you use reflection,  the reflective data 
> >structures (whatever that means) also contribute to the memory
> footprint.
> >It
> >sounded as though these are not part of the heap. So if we 
> are creating 
> >instances of Method, Constructor, etc, are they not allocated in the
> heap?
> >We are using reflection heavily.
> Where's "somewhere" ? ;)  That's mostly old information.  The 
> JVM is very efficient at handling reflection and properly 
> storing Method references.

I think I read about this in the Java performance tuning book from Sun press
or O'reilly.


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