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From Simon Coles <>
Subject Tomcat 5 & SunONE Identity Server
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:08:26 GMT

Does anyone have experience of using the SunONE Identity Server for
Single Sign On with Tomcat 5.x? e.g. once the user logs into another
site which uses the Identity Server for authentication, they are
logged into all applications/servers - including ours.

The Sun site has a "Policy Agent" (e.g. adaptor) for Tomcat 4.1.x, but
I can't see anything for Tomcat 5.

It seems the Identiry Server supports the Liberty Alliance protocols
as well, so we might be able to use that rather than the specific
SunONE Identity Server interface. So I guess any integration between
Tomcat 5 and Liberty Alliance might help too.

We're hoping to do this with JBoss 3.2.x using the embedded Tomcat 5.x
server, on a RHEL 3 server.

Any thoughts, pointers, tips etc. gratefully accepted. From what we
can see it can't be that hard, but then again we haven't done it yet -
and hopefully someone might have done this before us.

If we can't find any existing work and end up doing the integration
ourselves, I hope we'll be able put the resulting work back into the
community. If there's a best way to do this, that would be helpful

Many thanks,


Simon J. Coles
President & COO, Amphora Research Systems
Phone: (513) 697-4764

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