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Subject RE: voting for 5.0.29? [Auf Viren geprüft]
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 15:17:41 GMT

5.0.29 beta never going stable?

This is very disappointing news to me.

5.0.29beta was the *first* Tomcat release, that did JAAS right.
I lost weeks in searching the bug in my JAAS code.
5.0.29beta does return my own Principal implemention class
- declared in the JAASRealm -
with request.getPrincipal() instead of returning Tomcats own
GenericPrincipal class. I need this badly.

But I don't get it in our Datacenter when it's beta.

As I understood it 5.0.x was for JDK 1.4 and 5.5.x for JDK 1.5.
Why should 5.0.x be 'punished' for showing a bug under JDSK 1.5?
And if the bug is fixed why not voting?

Please help me understand, yours sincerely

Frerk Meyer

EDEKA Aktiengesellschaft
GB Datenverarbeitung
Frerk Meyer
CC Web Technologien
New-York-Ring 6
D-22297 Hamburg
Tel: 040/6377 - 3272
Fax: 040/6377 - 41268

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