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From "Benson Margulies" <>
Subject RE: JNDI DataSource GlobalResources problem
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 23:19:50 GMT
The specifications specify how a webapp declares the resources that it
uses, but not how those resources are configured in the container and
made accessible to the webapp. So, whatever we have in here is going to
be tomcat-specific. 

The question is, are the arbiters of taste interested in considering
making the administrative configuration process more convenient?

It seems to me that there is a tension here: from a security standpoint,
administrative configuration has to be outside the webapp. From a
convenience standpoint, it sure would be nice to have a single package. 

Further, a global resource is, by definition, global, and so shouldn't
travel with the webapp.

I might be willing to code a contribution in this area if there was some
consensus on a design that would be acceptable to them-that-vote. Ideas
bandied about in the past include allowing META-INF/server.xml for
auto-deployed WAR files, thought I believe that them-that-vote have
strong feelings against this idea.

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