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From Simon Zeng <>
Subject multiple tomcat instance and log4j
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 22:31:46 GMT

I have a question here. Our application is running under multiple tomcat
intance. We have our own plan logging mechanism. We are moving to use log4j
to replace in-house one.

1. Would it be better to keep one log for each tomcat instance or all share
the same log?
a. If former, how can we conordinate, from application, writting log
information into the one log without conflicting each other and in the right
b. If latter, is any tools we can easily merge all logs into one (as if it
is one)  so we can do statistics.

2. Does log4j caching records in the buffer and flush them to disk once
buffer is full or it write records everytime it receives a log command? If
former, how does it solve the issue when system fails and the cached records


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