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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Tomcat in a High Traffic Environment
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:53:26 GMT
Dear List,

I am new to the list and have a few questions about Tomcat 5.0.

We are attempting to use tomcat in a High Traffic, many simultaneous 
Internet user environment.

I have about 8000 simultaneous users, and plan on using 14 web servers. 
These servers connect via CORBA to a group of backend servers. The 14 
web severs are load balanced with a hardware load balancer.

How does Tomcat deal with connections?

When a request from a user arrives, is it assigned a thread? and is 
this thread ONLY used for this connection, (including obtaining 
information from the backend) until the request is finished?

How are keep-alives dealt with? When a user requests a keep-alive, is a 
thread held permanently for this user, until the connection is dropped? 
If this is the case, how is this ment to scale?

A connection pool of 750 threads seems unusable... How can 1 thread per 
connection scale? or have I misunderstood how tomcat uses its 
connection pool? And should all of these threads ever have something to 
do at the same time, the box would just fall over with a load of 

Would it not make more sense to use a smaller connection pool, and set 
up queues?

Would it not then be better when the request has been processed, to put 
this into a second queue for requests which then go to the backend, 
etc, etc? So many threads can't help performance. Wouldn't the kernel 
be busy the whole time with context switching? and no user would ever 
get any data back....

Thanks in advance for any comments,


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