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From Kristian Hellquist <>
Subject User access to directorys and files
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 20:34:03 GMT
I'm developing a "administration" application for uploading pictures. 
The pictures should be able to get rewied by users of the administration 
and then be "published" to the public domain (Internet). One easy way to 
achive this, would be to change the read-permissions of the file 
depending of what state the picture has. If the picture not yet has been 
"published" only administrators can download the file, and when the 
picture (file) get published the all users are able to download the 
file. You get the point :)

Any ideas to achieve this? If it is possible, only one process of tomcat 
should be running. Copying files to different directorys depending of 
state is not allowed. And yes, I'm a tomcat newbie...


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