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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: [Somewhat OT] Content vs. Programming
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 17:51:58 GMT
Anthony E. Carlos wrote:

> Hello, folks!
> Based on my readings, it seems that most people running Tomcat on 
> dedicated boxes. Unfortunately, I'm in a shared environment running 
> multiple instances of Tomcat, one for each client. My problem is that 
> some clients like to update their own static content via ftp, while 
> letting me, the programmer, handle the more complex stuff.
> What stinks is that if they ftp content to the server, then I've got to 
> merge their new and changed stuff into my development box because when I 
> deploy my war file (I'm developing in a separate environment), it 
> overwrites all of their stuff.
> My content providers aren't technically savvy, so I can't expect them to 
> learn to use CVS. They're probably using some GUI program like 
> Dreamweaver to create their pages. Does anyone have a suggestion to help 
> streamline the battle of content providers versus programmers?
> I've thought of having them upload to a alternate directory and then 
> running some ant script to copy new and changed files into the Tomcat 
> directories, but that still won't help with the merging process. To make 
> things even more complicated, and we're also using Tiles so my content 
> providers have to ask me to add entries into struts-config.xml and 
> tiles-defs.xml when they create a new page.
> Is anyone else dealing with this kind of inefficiency, or do you all 
> work with just other programmers?

Don't war it and update the server with your changes via cvs. Then you 
can check if there are updates on the server, if so commit them and then 
update locally.


> Thanks for your opinions,
> -Anthony Carlos
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