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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Undefined hosts being directed to localhost
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2004 17:44:21 GMT
Or as I've seen, kiddies on the internet are looking for an open proxy 
to hide their tracks or get past firewall rules.  I just make sure my 
server is properly configured not to proxy and ignore it. 

What they really get from a properly configured server is either (a) a 
404 if the requested resource doesn't exist on the local server, or (b) 
the local server's version of that resource if it exists.  In the case 
of requesting the home page of, they actually get my 
site's homepage instead.


Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> Robert Hunt wrote:
>> Okay, I should have remembered about the defaultHost attr of the 
>> <Engine/> node. (duh Rob!)
>> However, I'd like to redirect/stop spurious requests that have 
>> nothing to do with my hosts; I've gotten a couple requests with 
>> "" as the requested host.  Anyone already got a (or 
>> cleverly configured an existing) <Valve/> class to do so?
> ? If a request for "" is really being sent to your IP
> address, either someone's using a bad nameserver or it's some kind
> of attempted exploit.
> Is your concern related to the latter?

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