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From (dmu2201)
Subject Howto read files
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 13:33:57 GMT
Hi ML....

I'm having a problem with tomcat because I would like to read a certain 
XML file in a 'data' dir. The problem is that the relative path does not 
  new File("data/questionnaires.xml/");
does not give the file since Tomcat is started from its bin dir and not 
from my /webapps/PROJECT dir.

How do I, in a "nice" manner access that file with, hopefully, a 
relative path. I need a relative path or some kind of 'property' that 
enables me to access the file, independent of operating system.

I have tried to use a <Context path="/PROJECT" docBase="PROJECT" | 
docBase="webapps/PROJECT" /> in a context.xml file in a META-INF dir, 
but no luck :-(

My dir structure:
--/data  <---The dir I want to access

Hope someone can help...


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