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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: Reducing network traffic for rollover images
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 17:47:56 GMT
Yep, turns out this is a known issue with IE.  I guess that's the reason 
CSS-based mouseovers aren't used much more often.

You may want to take a different approach here... Consider doing what is 
probably the more common approach, which is to have two versions of your 
menu items, a normal state and a hover state version, and switch them 
via Javascript (using the pre-loading I mentioned).

There does some to be some ways around the CSS problems though having to 
do with layers on top of each other and hiding one or the other.  I 
played for a few minutes to get such an approach to work and I got about 
95% of the way there (still had a problem with the actual content being 
placed properly over the background).

I'd personally just go with the first approach.  Like I said, I think 
it's the more common approach, and even though the CSS approach might be 
more appealing, the other way will probably be more cross-browser (if 
you consider this constant loading of issues in IE, and in Opera and 
some others from what I read, to be a cross-browser concern as I would).

Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Omnytex Technologies

Robert Hunt wrote:
> To clarify:
> Watching the Tomcat access log and using permutations of CSS and the
> FrankZ/jscript-caching-strategy to achieve the rollover effects, I've found
> that the background image is requested:
>                IExplore 6.0            Netscape 7.2
>               -----------------      --------------
> CSS        each mouseover       once per page(1)
> JS           once per page(2)      once per page(2)
>               each mouseover
> (1) upon first hover/mouseover
> (2) when the jscript executes
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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